Secret Tips For The Ultimate Veggie Garden

It’s a tumbling tomato or spillover so  we’ll plant it right on the edge then  the kids can just have us the fruit  themselves kids will love it no they’d  be great yeah yeah you can buy a  strawberry pot but even better still you  can actually make one now the  strawberries just go in at the front in  this case the strawberry must suggest at  the original soil level they rot off  really quickly just on the edge here  yeah I’m planning some sweet Alice not  only they have a wonderful honey perfume  yeah but they look pretty they do look  beautiful  don’t see all these little flowers here  yep fruit for Christmas  are beautiful on the pavlova okay  perfect timing this garden is going to  be a gardener and a chef’s dream  we’ve got artichokes kale blueberries  corn and even curry plants you won’t  believe how it’s going to look by the  time we’re finished I might have even  learned something to be a gardening  working with graham the final mystery is  why do we need three composting oh great  job lads dryer fantastic.

I love these  bins I do I really love them they good  are they if it tell me we’ve made three  of them while we lay nikka wondering  water making sweet ah okay  I’m setting you up for a lifetime of  compost making and what happens is that  when you get one bit suddenly goes in  there oh Jesus for so then you start on  this one then you fill up the second bin  then the third bin by that stage this  one here started to compress down so you  move that one into here then that one  into here and after about six or seven  months you’ve got free soil coming out  of here let’s get this stuff in there  now it all goes in Oh dairy let’s tuck  it in the other trick is it’s just like  a lasagna layer upon layer upon layer  and it’s the combination of different  textures and materials in those layers  that will make you well balanced compost okay fantastic.

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